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Choose a suitable wine cabinet for your favorite wine

   As we all know, storing wine requires a cool, dark environment. In theory, the refrigerator in the kitchen seems to meet such conditions. If you only store the wine that has been opened but not finished for a short time, then the refrigerator is really a good choice. However, if wine needs to be stored for a long time, from the following points of view, the refrigerator cannot replace the wine cabinet as a long-term residence for wine.
First, the temperature adjustment range of the refrigeration room of ordinary household refrigerators is generally maintained between -1 ℃ and 8 ℃, and the humidity is relatively low, about 30%. The best temperature range for long-term storage of wine is between 10 ℃ and 15 ℃, and the ideal humidity is between 50% and 80%. Therefore, refrigerators cannot provide suitable temperature and humidity for long-term storage of wine.
Second, wine needs to avoid vibration during storage. However, the compressor of household refrigerator will inevitably produce vibration when it is running continuously, which is very unfavorable for long-term storage of wine.
Third, household refrigerators store more things every day. The air is relatively closed, and there is no ventilation system, so the smell is relatively complex. These odors will more or less affect wine sealed with corks.
If you need to store wine for a long time, in addition to the wine cellar with high budget, the affordable wine cabinet is also a good choice. So what are the types of wine cabinets on the market?

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  How should wine lovers choose?
1. According to the working principle, wine cabinets can be divided into compressor wine cabinets
The working principle of compressor wine cabinet is the same as that of household refrigerator. It absorbs internal heat through refrigerant and releases it outside the wine cabinet to achieve the purpose of cooling. This cooling technology is also known as "vapor compression cycle". The cooling efficiency of the compressor wine cabinet is very high. Once the compressor senses that the temperature inside the wine cabinet is rising, even if the temperature rise range is very small, its air compressor will restart to cool the interior of the wine cabinet to the preset temperature. On the contrary, once the compressor senses that the preset temperature has been reached in the wine cabinet, it will automatically shut down to avoid low temperature. This type of wine cabinet is basically in a continuous working state, so that the temperature is kept within the ideal range.
But like household refrigerators, the compressor wine cabinet will produce some vibration and noise. Although the amplitude is very small, it may have a slight impact on the wine placed inside. In addition, this kind of wine cabinet consumes a large amount of electricity, and the refrigerant used in the cooling process has a certain impact on the environment, which is not environmentally friendly. Moreover, this kind of wine cabinet adopts a heavy air compressor, which is not easy to move.
2. According to the function, wine cabinets are divided into single temperature zone and double temperature zone
As the literal meaning is the same, the single temperature zone wine cabinet is a wine cabinet with only one temperature zone in constant temperature state, while the double temperature zone wine cabinet has two temperature zones in constant temperature state. For wine lovers with a wide variety of wine collections, the double temperature zone wine cabinet can provide storage space with different constant temperature requirements. For those enthusiasts who are just getting started and only collect wines with the same storage requirements, choose a single temperature wine cabinet.
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After knowing the types and functions of wine cabinets sold by TECO, you can choose the most suitable "home" for your favorite wine according to your actual needs and budget.