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There is a sequence of wine tasting, and it is better to drink in order
We all have such experience. After eating a fruit with higher sweetness and then eating fruits with higher acidity such as oranges or lemons, we will feel that it is more sour. So, will the tasting order also have an impact on the taste of wine? The answer is yes. A more scientific wine tasting sequence can avoid the mutual interference of flavors between wine types to the greatest extent, so that the taster can fully feel the charm of each wine. Here are some basic principles about wine tasting sequence. Let's have a look.
1. First brew wine, then static wine
Compared with static wine, sparkling wine is more fresh and refreshing, with delicate bubbles and lighter body. It is very suitable as an opening wine to arouse your taste buds.
Special situation: sparkling wine can sometimes be used as after dinner wine. Peach Champagne can be paired with raspberries and strawberries; Moscato d'asti can be paired with desserts; Sweet sparkling wine can be matched with cream products and other snacks with strong flavor.
2. First white wine, then red wine
Generally speaking, compared with the two, white wine has a lighter body and little tannin content; The style of red wine is relatively strong, and its aroma and flavor are also more rich and complex. If you drink red wine first, white wine will look a little dull.
3. Dry type first, then sweet type
When dry wine meets sweet wine, you should generally taste dry wine first. Because the sugar content of dry wine is low, you can feel the change of sweetness gradually strengthening according to the order of dry wine first and then sweet wine. If you drink the sweet type first, the acidity of the later dry type wine will be highlighted, which will affect the taste feeling.
Special situation: in France, foie gras sauce is usually served before the main dish with dry red or dry white wine, and foie gras sauce happens to be the best match with Sauternes sweet white and Tokaj sour wine. At this time, it is not necessary to follow the principle of "dry wine before sweet wine". However, after drinking sweet wine, it is best to eat a biscuit to clean your mouth first, and then drink dry wine, so as not to affect the taste of dry wine next.
4. First light, then heavy
The "lightness" and "fullness" mentioned here refer to the degree of wine body. Drinking light wine first allows the taster to fully enjoy the delicacy of the first wine and taste the complexity of the second wine.
5. Young first, mature later
Generally speaking, one kind of aroma of young wine is more prominent, such as all kinds of fruit and flower fragrance, and the flavor is slightly simple. As the wine ages, it will gradually develop some three types of aroma, and the aroma level will be richer, which is worth to be carefully understood later. It is worth mentioning that not all wines can benefit from aging in the bottle. Some wines with simple style and suitable for early drinking will lose their original flavor and become insipid if they are placed too long.

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