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How to put the wine cabinet after you buy it?
When there are more and more wine collections, many wine lovers plan to buy wine cabinets to store wine. At this time, you may have to ask, which kind of wine cabinet should you buy?
The choice of wine cabinet mainly depends on personal preferences, aesthetics, purchasing power and other factors. Generally speaking, high-quality wine cabinets have the characteristics of constant temperature and humidity, avoiding light and shock. Therefore, it seems that placing high-quality wine cabinets anywhere in the home is not a big deal. However, for most ordinary wine cabinets, whether the wine cabinets are properly placed will still have a certain impact on the quality of wine. Therefore, we need to understand the precautions for placing wine cabinets.
Precautions for placing wine cabinets at home
First of all, wine cabinets should not be placed where the following conditions are met:
1. Strong light
2. Large temperature fluctuation
3. Poor ventilation conditions
Light will affect the quality of wine, too strong light will reduce its quality, and long-term light exposure will fade the wine label. Therefore, the wine cabinet should be placed in a dark place. In addition, the angle of sunlight will change with the seasons, so we should also take it into account when placing the wine cabinet.
Even if the storage temperature of wine differs from the ideal temperature by several degrees, it will not have a great impact on the quality of wine. However, when the temperature fluctuates greatly, the quality of wine will be greatly reduced. Therefore, places with large temperature difference between day and night, such as balconies and porches, are not suitable for placing wine cabinets.
In addition, the wine cabinet should be placed in a well ventilated place. Most built-in wine cabinets have vents on the front, so they can be placed in any position. The independent wine cabinet should not be stored close to the wall or other objects, and at least 2 inches of space should be left.

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