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Tuofu cellar: Tips for tasting old wine
When choosing wine, many consumers seem to favor "old wine" especially, thinking that the older the wine is, the more fragrant it is. In fact, it is not so, because not all wines can stand the test of time.
1、 Confirm the state of liquor
In fact, only about 1% of the high-quality wines on the market have excellent aging potential, such as Bordeaux's Grand Cru and Burgundy's top Pinot Noir; The vast majority of wine should be drunk as soon as possible after buying it home. Therefore, when you take out a bottle of dusty wine from the wine cabinet, cabinet or basement, it is best to first confirm whether the wine is in good condition and drinkable.
If your wine packaging is intact and the liquor is not leaking, you can further observe the color and purity of the liquor. If the liquor in the bottle is abnormally dark brown and in a very muddy state, the bottle is likely to have defects; If the liquor is clear, the color is normal, and there is no pungent strange smell after opening the bottle, then you can taste the flavor of this bottle of old wine.
2、 Choose the right bottle opener
Compared with young wine, the bottle opening of old wine needs to be more careful, because the cork begins to become fragile with the passage of time, and it is very easy to break the cork when opening the bottle. In this case, it is necessary to use a special bottle opener for old wine.
Ah so bottle opener is specially designed for old wine. Using it to open bottles can avoid the risk of damaging corks. Its structure is very simple. It is composed of a handle and two iron plates of different lengths. When opening the bottle, the iron plate is used to clamp the cork, which can maintain the integrity of the cork.
There are 2 steps to use ah so bottle opener:
1. After removing the bottle seal, insert two iron sheets slowly along the gap between the cork and the bottle mouth until the iron sheet tightly clamps the whole cork;
2. Hold the handle, rotate it slowly counterclockwise and exert upward force to gradually pull out the cork.
3、 Sober up
As old wine generally has precipitation, for old wine, the purpose of sobering up is mainly to remove the precipitation in the liquor, which can be achieved only when the suspended particles in the liquor are completely precipitated. Therefore, before drinking, it is best to keep the wine to be opened in a vertical state a few days in advance, and try to avoid shaking, so as to facilitate the sedimentation to the bottom of the bottle and facilitate the pouring of wine. Wine that is not aged too long in the bottle usually takes a few days to precipitate. Old wine that is particularly aged or has more particles may take a week or more, and some old wines that have been aged for decades may even take a month.
After the precipitation is separated, does the old wine need further contact with the air? In fact, it is unnecessary in most cases. Because the old wine has developed a complex flavor with its unique charm after a long time of subtle oxidation reaction. Contact with the air after removing the sediment may cause further oxidation, which may not add a more charming flavor to it, but may greatly reduce its taste.
For some strong old wines, such as Cabernet Sauvignon in Bordeaux, Tempranillo in Spain, and Barolo and barbaresco in Italy, you can also appropriately let the old wine "breathe" in the air, so as to soften the tannins and make its taste smoother, and then you can enjoy it!

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