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Storage conditions of red wine in Tyco cellar

Wine is strictly a drink, but unlike most drinks, wine can stand aging. After being stored in a suitable environment for a period of time, the wine suitable for aging will not deteriorate, but will benefit from it. The benefits include softening tannins, softening taste, and more delicate aroma development. However, what can provide the right storage environment? A private wine cellar? If you are not a professional wine collector, a private wine cellar that costs money and wastes space is unnecessary. For ordinary wine lovers, we have better choices in wine storage.
TECO is a modern enterprise specializing in cellar design, winery design, wine cabinet customization, wine rack production and installation. It is a professional cellar customization enterprise that focuses on the field of wine storage. It is a wine storage expert around you.

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  1、 Memorize the storage conditions of wine


1. Low temperature:


Temperature can be said to be the most important item when storing wine. For most wines, the storage temperature of 13 ℃ is the most appropriate. If the temperature is too low, the substances in wine are difficult to react chemically, and the flavor is not easy to mature; If the temperature is too high and the wine develops too fast, it will begin to age in a short time. Keeping the temperature constant at about 13 ℃, wine can develop smoothly and orderly in the bottle.


2. High humidity:


Storing wine requires high humidity. If the humidity of the storage environment is too low, the wine stopper will dry and shrink, causing excessive air to contact the wine liquid and accelerating the aging of wine. If the humidity is too high, it is easy to breed bacteria in the wine stopper, and the most appropriate humidity is 70%. The temperature and humidity in the household refrigerator are too low, so it is not suitable for long-term storage of wine.


3. Dark:


Some artificial light sources and sunlight will raise the temperature of wine liquor. Avoid too much light when storing wine. In addition, ultraviolet rays in the sun will damage the tannins in red wine. Losing tannins means that this wine has basically lost its aging ability. Therefore, wine cannot be stored in places with long-term direct sunlight.


4. Stability:


Frequent vibration or shaking will interrupt the subtle chemical reaction in the wine and hinder the normal development of wine. Shaking cabinets and frequently opened and closed drawers are undesirable storage places.


5. Lie flat:


If a wine is placed upright for a long time, the cork that cannot be soaked by liquor will soon dry and shrink, allowing air to escape. In some cases, the dried wine stopper may also break when opening the bottle and fall into the wine. Then, does the wine sealed with screw cap need to lie flat? Because the screw cover can completely isolate the air, it doesn't matter whether you lie flat or stand upright.

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  2、 Determine the aging potential of wine


In the eyes of many people, it is obviously wrong that all wines should be kept as long as possible. Most wines should be drunk within a year or two after production, and only a few can benefit from the aging process in the bottle. Before storing wine, we should first remember which wines we have, which ones are suitable for aging, and which should be drunk as soon as possible, so as not to make the wines unsuitable for aging pass the drinking period.


Red wines suitable for aging generally have rich flavor, abundant tannins and solid structure, such as Bordeaux blend, Cabernet Sauvignon in California and Shiraz in Australia. In addition, most fortified wines also have extraordinary aging ability. Most white wines are not suitable for aging, but excellent Chardonnay, Riesling, Semillon and sweet wine are another matter.


  3、 Add appropriate storage equipment


In China, wooden wine cabinet is the most common and practical wine storage equipment. The wine cabinet full of good wine not only makes rational use of space, but also shows guests their wine preferences. Moreover, compared with private cellars, the cost of wooden wine cabinets is not high.


If there is no extra space at home, we can also choose to use a small wine rack to store wine. You can buy all kinds of wine racks on the market: steel or wood, hanging or vertical, practical or fancy. Don't worry about not having a suitable one.


Of course, if we are not willing to toss around, we can also buy an electronic wine cabinet. In the electronic wine cabinet with constant temperature and humidity, unless there is a power failure, it is unlikely that the wine will go bad.


  4、 Find a suitable storage location


Private wine cellars can provide the most "comfortable" environment for wine, while general storage equipment needs to be in a suitable storage location to function.


Generally, wine cabinets for decoration can only be placed in the living room. Therefore, when it is hot in summer or the local temperature is getting worse every day, wine cabinets should be avoided. In other words, wine cabinets are not suitable for placing wine in the living room in most parts of China. If you choose to use a wine cabinet to store wine, you should pay attention to the isolation of external interference when placing it, including sunlight, electrical heating and bear children who often run through the door.


Wine racks can be placed in dark, cool and humid places. The best example of such places is the basement. Although the temperature in these places cannot reach the standard of 13 ℃, it is still enough to make the wine develop smoothly to its peak.


When placing the electronic wine cabinet, in addition to keeping the wine cabinet stable and away from light, you should put it wherever you like.


  5、 Monitor wine status


Since we choose to store wine at home, our goal should not be to invest, but to let the wine reach its peak before drinking, or to put the good wine we bought at the time of discount and promotion to drink slowly. It is necessary to monitor the state of wine at a fixed time. After observing the color change of the wine, checking whether it leaks or opening the bottle for tasting, we will know whether the current storage method is appropriate and whether the wine is suitable for drinking, so as to adjust our storage method and make a general plan for the drinking of the wine. For a wine diehard, opening a bottle of good wine that has been carefully preserved for several years is also a great pleasure in life.