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TECO cellar professional design process

TECO is a modern enterprise specializing in cellar design, winery design, wine cabinet customization, wine rack production and installation. It is a professional cellar customization enterprise that focuses on the field of wine storage. It is a wine storage expert around you. With our own core technology and brand, and the pricing power of the brand, we can provide you with more preferential and cost-effective products and services, and even directly to you at the factory price. Welcome to consult!

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Cellar design, free door-to-door measurement, and the customization process of Tyco cellar is as follows:


1. The customer provides the precise plane and elevation specifications of the site size, or the professional staff of our company carries out the surveying and mapping. The customization of Tyco cellar combines the comprehensive intention of the customer, and provides the plane planning, intention map and approximate quotation according to our specialty. The comprehensive intention of the customer includes: exhibition hall, winery level positioning, overall production cycle, and approximate investment budget.


2. Carry out the overall accurate plane, elevation and effect drawing design according to the design intention diagram approved by the customer. We provide 1n times of modification scheme until your approval.


3. According to the detailed design drawings, make a detailed quotation list for the overall production of the wine rack, and sign the overall production contract after being approved by both parties.


4. The overall production is completed, the customer's requirements are completed, and the project acceptance is completed.

Dike whole cellar is a classic brand of Huizhou Tuofu cellar Co., Ltd. It is a leading professional cellar designer and manufacturer in China, and has been focusing on cellar products for many years. Our construction cases can be found in many first tier cities in China. We are proud of our excellent scheme design and precise workmanship. Whether you are customizing your private house or exhibiting in a store, we can provide the most perfect wine cellar and the most professional service.