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Tuofu on the importance of cellar lighting

A professional wine cellar is the most suitable place to store wine. A professional wine cellar designed according to the specifications can keep the original taste of the stored wine for a long time, but the non-standard design of the wine cellar will cause great damage to the wine. If you don't deal with a detail well, it may destroy your years of effort. In the design of wine cellar, the design of lighting is also an extremely important link. Proper cellar lighting not only does no harm to wine, in fact, it is a very important part of cellar function.

Just like you choose lights for other rooms in your home, what kind of lights you choose for the wine cellar depends on what kind of cellar atmosphere and effect you want to achieve, and the best way to solve this problem is to choose an insulated light with switch adjustment. Such a lamp can not only illuminate the room, but also adjust the brightness according to your preference at any time.

Tips for cellar lighting decoration

If your requirements for lighting are limited to seeing the wine on the display shelf, you can use low-power row lights.

If you want to create a different atmosphere for your cellar, you can also choose to shoot lights. The spotlight light is concentrated, which can focus on a point you want to see.

For those who want to add a highlight to the wine cellar through lighting, you can consider using any form of lighting equipment, as long as it can achieve the feeling you want to create.

However, no matter what kind of lighting equipment you choose to add color to your wine cellar, you should follow the following two principles: first, the internal lighting of the wine cellar should not be too bright. Generally, you need to maintain weak light, and it is best to have natural lighting; Second, try to avoid too bright or too hot, ultraviolet and other radiation sources in the wine cellar. Fluorescent lamps produce a lot of invisible ultraviolet rays, which cannot be used as the lighting source of wine cellars. Cold light source or low-power incandescent lamp should be used in the wine cellar. If we only pursue the dazzle of the wine cellar and ignore the most basic principles of wine cellar design, I think the gains outweigh the losses and put the cart before the horse.