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How to design your wine cellar?
The family cellar can provide a place to store precious wine, making it possible to hold a wine tasting for relatives and friends. It may take a lot of thought to design the wine cellar, but the space required is not large. So, how to design the wine cellar?

1. Determine the space size

If you only need to store a small amount of wine, such as 100 bottles, you only need a space the size of a walk-in cloakroom. If you want to store more wine, the cellar space should be at least 8 feet long and 4 feet wide.

2. Determine the budget

If your budget is several thousand dollars, you can design a wine cellar the size of a cloakroom or a food cabinet Wine lovers can consider spending $10000 or $20000 to transform a room into a professional wine cellar.

3. Place wine according to space

The fence of the wine rack should form a 45 degree angle with the ground to prevent the wine bottle from colliding. In addition, the stepped wine rack is more convenient for placing wine.

4. Use computer-aided design software

Input the design size of the wine cellar into the design software, and then add other design elements, so that you can see the simulated picture of the wine cellar.

5. Ask experienced contractors to review and improve the design scheme of the wine cellar.


1. The wine cellar does not have to be built in the basement. You can transform the tea room or even part of the living room into a wine cellar.

2. When designing wine cellars, humidity conditions must not be ignored. Low humidity will cause the cork to shrink, thus evaporating the wine in the bottle. At this time, you need to place a humidifier or temperature regulator in the wine cellar.