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How to choose wine cellar and electronic wine cabinet?

Between wine cellars and wine cabinets, we still prefer wine cellars. The reason is very simple, because the traditional wine cellar is naturally insulated, which can save energy and avoid the trouble of regular maintenance of refrigeration equipment or worrying about tripping and power failure. Although the electronic wine cabinet is convenient, it is no longer difficult to collect wine, but we can't trust and rely too much. The machine always strikes and doesn't work well, and the most terrible thing is human error. If you accidentally press a wrong button or something, the collection will be destroyed for many years, making people want to cry without tears.


However, extreme accidents are rare after all. Thanks to modernization and high technology, the storage of wine has been simplified and popularized. Otherwise, in high-density urban life, how many families can dig an underground wine kiln and achieve various wine storage indicators at the same time? Undeniably, the various choices of electronic wine cabinets can meet the different needs of most wine lovers.


In recent years, some senior apartments in China have also begun to provide wine cellar services for private wine storage, which seems to solve the above contradiction. However, most of these wine cellars are not traditional wine cellars, but rely on machine refrigeration and constant temperature, which is inconvenient. You have to go all the way to get a bottle of wine to drink, which makes you feel less fun of storing wine yourself.

In fact, the general table wine you drink everyday doesn't have such high storage requirements. Most wines on the market are for immediate consumption and have little long-term storage value. Therefore, before starting a campaign to buy an electronic wine cabinet, we should find out which wines are suitable for collection and aging. If it's not for long-term collection, you can really save the trouble of "wine cellar" or "electronic wine cabinet". It's enough to find a cool and dark place at home to put some wine that can be enjoyed at any time.

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