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The cloakroom form that women want

Recently, Xiaobian, as a designer in life, often heard female owners say: "the family needs a large cloakroom, with a lot of clothes to put", "I have a lot of beautiful clothes to show in the cloakroom", "if the clothes are not enough, the cloakroom should be larger" and so on. It seems that women are naturally fond of the cloakroom and have no resistance. Today, we will share some cloakrooms suitable for women, hoping to help goddesses who love to dress up and buy clothes.

It is the wish of every girl to have endless clothes, shoes and bags. The goddess who loves dressing also hopes to have endless lipstick and cosmetics of various colors. However, to have these, the goddesses first need a fashionable and beautiful cloakroom. Common cloakrooms are divided into three types, one is walk-in, one is independent, one is open, and another is an uncommon form: embedded. For example, Gu Li's cloakroom in "small age" is independent and open. The cloakroom has a full two-story space, which is filled with Gu Li's clothes, bags, shoes and boots... It really integrates fashion, atmosphere and beauty.

The independent cloakroom has high requirements for residential area and space: the area is more than 5 square meters, which allows people to turn around or change clothes. If the area is too small, it will give people a feeling of depression. The storage space of the independent cloakroom is larger than that of other cloakrooms. It usually has "two" shape, "L" shape, "U" shape and other forms, and can also be multi-functional matched according to the site. The choice of colors is also very rich. Don't worry because the space is small, the colors are too many, and it's not easy to match. Coupled with the rendering of lights, the 1 in the independent cloakroom is usually easy to decorate into a fashionable and atmospheric appearance.

Freestanding cloakroom

Walk in cloakroom is a separate room for storing clothes and changing clothes, which is very popular nowadays. Some house types specially designed walk-in cloakrooms for householders, while others "sealed" a room (such as a study) or a place in their home to make a cloakroom. The door of the walk-in cloakroom is generally designed as a sliding door, which is convenient for people to use. If the space is large enough, it can also be designed as an open door.

The open cloakroom is suitable for younger people. It has good ventilation and is spacious. The space is not completely closed. Generally, boxes are used to stack clothes. However, clothes exposed outside, poor dust prevention, easy to cause dust deposition and other situations, we can use dust cover to hang clothes to solve these problems.

The space of the embedded cloakroom is relatively small, and the available area is relatively tight. The most common is the cabinet embedded in the wall in the bedroom. Usually, the sliding door is also preferred, and the space is large enough to use the form of door opening panel.

In fact, the cloakroom is a simple and troublesome space. I hope it can help you by sharing 4 forms of cloakroom.