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Dike customized wine cellar - bailima international kitchen and bathroom Center

Bailima international kitchen and bathroom center is located in Sungang household business district, Luohu District, Shenzhen, with a total construction area of 32000 square meters. It is one of the high-end kitchen and bathroom malls with the largest area and the most concentrated imported brands in Shenzhen at present.

Bailima international kitchen and bathroom center customized wine rack

Huizhou Tuofu wine cellar Co., Ltd. focuses on the production and research and development of wood products. The company's "TECO" brand mainly deals with two series of high-end whole wood customization and overall wine cellar customization, and its products cover whole wood series products such as overall wine cellar, cloakroom, wardrobe, wall panel and so on.

TECO has a unique constant temperature and humidity engineering process in the industry, adhering to the "five in one" service system of business planning, marketing guidance, scheme design, construction and production, and after-sales maintenance, so as to truly customize the overall supporting furniture that meets the needs of customers and is personalized, and provide natural, healthy, elegant and noble log household products for the majority of consumers. TECO is a professional wine cellar design, cigar cellar design, wine cabinet customization A modern enterprise specializing in wine cellar customization with one-stop service for wine rack production and installation, focusing on the field of wine storage. It is a wine storage expert around you. With our own core technology and brand, and the pricing power of the brand, we can provide you with more preferential and cost-effective products and services, and even directly to you at the factory price. Welcome to consult! Create your own luxury. For more details, please consult the hotline: 400-6419-866.