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How to make oak barrels?
Oak barrels are very important for wine brewing. In the past, oak barrels were only used for wine storage or transportation, but now, oak barrels are more used for wine fermentation and aging. This is because the oak barrel will bring vanilla, clove, cinnamon and baking to the wine, which increases the richness and complexity of the wine. So, how is the oak barrel made?

1. First, choose wood. Whether American, French or Hungarian oak must be straight and have no tree eyes. The wood texture is tight and clearly visible. The selected wood should contain more tannins, so that wine can also get more tannins in oak barrels.

2. Roughly cut the wood into strips of wood, and then air dry for 2-3 years. During air drying, the wood will become harder, and the unpleasant taste will gradually dissipate. After air drying, these boards are carefully cut according to the specified specifications.

3. Place the cut boards on the barrel ring one by one, and then put on the barrel hoop to preliminarily shape the boards. This step is called "making roses", because at this time, the semi-finished product of the oak barrel looks like an open rose.

4. Bend and shape the board at the other end. Usually at this stage, different barrel factories will have different production methods. Some barrel factories tend to bake the semi-finished products of oak barrels, so that the wood can become soft and easy to bend; Some factories directly put a steel rope on the barrel, and tighten it with a machine to bend and close the board, and then put on the barrel hoop for fixation. In this way, the oak barrel is taking shape.

5. Then bake the barrel with open fire. Barrel workers will use different tools to scorch the inner wall of the oak barrel according to the requirements of customers for baking degree.

6. After making the groove on the edge of the inner wall of the oak barrel, the workers will make the barrel cover according to the size of the oak barrel, then install it, and print the winery name and capacity on the barrel cover. At this time, workers will also put on several barrel hoops for reinforcement.

7. Finally, the barrel workers will polish the oak barrels. After completing the above steps, the production of oak barrel is completed.

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