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Oak: how to identify its authenticity

Oak furniture belongs to high-end furniture, and there are many prices and brands of oak furniture. Consumers need to know the identification methods of oak furniture in order to avoid buying fake oak furniture This paper mainly introduces the advantages and disadvantages of oak furniture and the identification methods of true and false oak furniture Oak belongs to Madong and beech family. It is distributed as far as Jilin, Liaoning in the north and Hainan and Yunnan in the south of China, but high-quality wood is rare. High grade oak still needs to be imported from abroad, and the fine wood is nearly 10000 yuan per cubic meter, which is also an important reason for the high price of oak furniture As the market is popular and profitable, the phenomenon of replacing oak with rubber wood frequently occurs in the market. For consumers, simple identification methods can be adopted:


Oak furniture identification 1: whether the wood is fine and clean Oak wood is thick. If you want to make oak furniture, you should paint it dark Therefore, consumers should carefully examine the wood of furniture that is not painted with dark wood As for miscellaneous wood furniture, there is no unique sense of cleanliness of oak furniture.


Oak furniture identification 2: whether the wood grain is clear and beautiful Oak furniture has unique wood grain The clearer the grain, the higher the value As for beauty, it is related to the aesthetic and aesthetic level of the buyer But one thing is certain. Like the rain flower stone, the stronger the patterning and "pictographic" of the natural patterns on the surface, the better And miscellaneous wood furniture has no unique wood grain of oak furniture.


Oak furniture distinguish three: whether the weight is heavy The weight of oak furniture is quite heavy, and the heavier the better on the premise of dry quality.


Oak furniture identification 4: whether the production is exquisite At present, the production level of oak furniture on the market varies greatly Some are quite beautiful, while others are extremely rough Whether the production is exquisite is also one of the references for identifying oak furniture.