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TECO cellar: advantages and disadvantages of oak

  Advantages of oak


The first advantage of oak: it has relatively bright mountain shaped wood grain, and has a good texture on the touch surface, which makes people feel close to nature. In addition to the advantages of general solid wood, oak after special treatment has excellent toughness, which can be processed into various curved shapes according to needs, which is quite aesthetic.


The second advantage of oak: oak furniture in addition, oak furniture is relatively thick, with the end pressure of mahogany furniture, but its price is much lower than mahogany.


Oak has three advantages: solid texture, firm structure of finished products and long service life.


  Disadvantages of oak


Disadvantages of oak: after dehydration, many oaks are no longer suitable to be used as furniture materials due to bending and deformation However, because oak wood is more expensive, many manufacturers still use this deformed wood to make furniture.


The second disadvantage of oak: rubber wood contains more sugar and is easy to change color, so it is not suitable for white furniture.


The third disadvantage of oak: rubber wood has a peculiar smell. Because it contains more sugar, it is easy to change color, decay and moth eaten It is not easy to dry, wear-resistant, easy to crack, easy to bend and deform, wood processing is easy, and plate processing is easy to deform.