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Tyco cellar: makeup artist of oak barrel wine

Oak barrel plays an important role in wine brewing. It is like a makeup artist, who can paint delicate makeup for wine and endow it with another charming charm. So what changes will happen to wine under the skillful hands of oak barrels?

First of all, oak barrels can deepen the color of wine, especially white wine. For red wine, this effect is not so significant. Secondly, the oak barrel has many small pores, which can allow a small amount of oxygen to enter and oxidize with the wine liquid, so as to soften the tannins of red wine and make it more delicate and supple. In addition, during the brewing and ripening process, the tannins and flavor substances contained in the oak barrel itself will dissolve into the liquor, thereby improving the tannin content of the wine, and bringing a variety of flavors such as toast, vanilla, smoke and spices.

After the decoration and carving of oak barrels, the texture and taste of wine will be improved. However, the type, baking degree, new and old degree and capacity of oak barrels have different effects on wine style.
 1. Types of oak barrels

According to the origin, oak barrels can be divided into American oak barrels, French oak barrels, Slavonia oak barrels, Russian oak barrels and Hungarian oak barrels, among which French oak barrels and American oak barrels are the most popular. American oak barrels have looser wood and more rich and unrestrained flavor, which can give wine fragrance such as vanilla and coconut, and bring creamy texture; French oak barrel is the "gold standard" in the industry. Its wood is tight and can bring aromas of dark chocolate, coffee and spices. Compared with American oak barrels, French oak barrels have a more refined and elegant flavor, and have a softer impact on the aroma of wine.

 2. Baking degree of oak barrel

The production of oak barrels requires a baking process to make the oak strips soft and easy to bend. According to the different baking temperature and baking time, oak barrels can be roughly divided into light baking, medium baking and heavy baking. The heavier the baking degree, the greater the influence of oak barrel on the color, aroma and flavor of wine. Lightly roasted oak barrels can give wine more oak characteristics, such as the aroma of vanilla and cedar; Moderately roasted oak barrels can add roasted nuts, coconuts and nutmeg to the wine; The heavily roasted oak barrel will bring the aroma of charcoal, coffee and smoke to the wine.

  3. New and old degree of oak barrel

The newer the oak barrel, the shorter the service life, and the richer the flavor it gives to the wine. This is like making tea with tea bags. When you make tea for the first time, you can make very strong tea in a short time, but with the increase of brewing times, the tea taste will become weaker and weaker, and the brewing time also needs to be extended. After four to five years of use, oak barrels have little impact on wine flavor. In order to control costs and prevent excessive barrel flavor, many wineries will adopt the practice of mixing old and new oak barrels.

4. Capacity of oak barrel

The specifications of oak barrels can be designed according to the needs, and the capacity of traditional oak barrels in different production areas varies, ranging from only 100 liters to more than 2000 liters. However, the most common ones are 225 liters of Bordeaux small oak barrels (Barrique) and 228 liters of Burgundy oak barrels (piece). The smaller the volume of the oak barrel, the larger the contact area with the liquor, and the more significant the impact on the wine style.

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