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What are the solutions of constant temperature wine cabinet?

The high pursuit of life taste is a kind of life attitude, and the taste of grape wine is one of them; We all know that wine is generally older. It is the so-called old wine that everyone loves. The older the wine is, the more fragrant it is, the more valuable it is. Therefore, many wine lovers will have wine storage equipment at home, and for more people, the wine cellar may not be suitable. This scheme provides a warm red wine cabinet. The constant temperature red wine cabinet is a refrigeration equipment specially used to store grape wine. The practicality of the constant temperature red wine cabinet improves your taste of life.

Function and working principle of constant temperature wine cabinet

constant temperature

Temperature is one of the important factors for storing wine, and it is also important to maintain the stability of temperature. The composition of wine will be affected by the change of temperature, and corks will also expand and contract with the change of temperature, especially corks with poor elasticity. Most wine cabinets are equipped with heaters or PTCs to increase the internal temperature, so that the temperature can be kept stable no matter how the ambient temperature changes. The air in the cabinet is also served by the built-in fan to ensure the uniformity and consistency of temperature distribution in different positions in the wine cabinet.

Semi sweet, sweet red wine 14-16 ℃; Dry red wine 16-22 ℃; Semi dry red wine 16-18 ℃; Dry white wine 8-10 ℃; Semi dry white wine 8-12 ℃; Semi sweet, sweet white wine 10-12 ℃; Champagne (sparkling wine) 6-9 ℃.


65% relative humidity is the best environment for long-term storage. However, it is also good to keep the relative humidity between 55% and 80%. If the humidity is low, the air will enter the wine bottle through the dried cork and oxidize the wine, and the wine will also penetrate the cork; If the humidity is too high, it will produce peculiar smell and damage the label at the same time.


Frequent vibration will interfere with the stability of wine sediment. The precipitate naturally occurs with the storage time of wine, but it may return to the liquid state due to vibration and be suppressed. In addition, vibration can also destroy the structural components of wine. The high-tech mute shock absorption compressor refrigeration system in the wine cabinet is equipped with shockproof rubber gasket, which makes the temperature control more accurate without condensation, and takes good care of the famous wine in the collection.

Air circulation

In humid environment, air circulation is mainly to prevent bacteria from growing. Wet cork is easy to produce harmful smell, and strong smell penetrates the cork and changes the original quality of wine. The fan in the box absorbs fresh air and evenly evacuate the air to prevent the breeding of bacteria.


UV damage to organic compounds can make wine premature or aging, especially tannin, which mainly affects the aroma, taste and structure of wine, so that it tastes or smells like garlic or wet wool; Therefore, it is best to store wine in a place without light, especially for precious wine. Pay attention to avoiding sunlight, especially lighting, because these two lights contain special harmful light waves below 400mm. However, our white LED lamp is not only a lighting device, but also the best choice for many wine lovers because it does not contain ultraviolet light. Another advantage of it is that it does not transmit heat to affect the temperature of wine.

Composition structure of constant temperature red wine cabinet

Constant temperature wine cabinet: it is composed of compressor, condenser, throttling parts and evaporator

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