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The difference between wine cellar and wine cabinet

In order to maintain the good quality of wine, regardless of its price, it should be stored in a suitable environment after purchase. Wine cellar and wine cabinet are the best choice for wine lovers, but wine cellar and wine cabinet are different, so how to choose? Then you need to know the difference between wine cellar and wine cabinet first.

Advantages of wine cellar:

1. High professionalism, which can better meet the storage requirements of wine;

2. Large alcohol storage capacity;

3. With clear functions, it can meet the storage requirements of different functions, such as private cellar, villa cellar, club cellar, and winery cellar;

4. It has its own unique design style.

Tyco cellar

Disadvantages of wine cellar:

1. High cost;

2. It takes up a large space and requires independent space.

Advantages of wine cabinet:

1. Low cost;

2. It occupies a small space and is easy to be placed at home;

3. It is convenient to store a single kind of wine in a single temperature area.

Tyco wine cabinet

Disadvantages of wine cabinet:

1. The storage quantity is very limited;

2. It is not suitable for placing wine with different bottle bodies and different capacities;

3. Air circulation is limited to the wine cabinet;

4. The start-up and opening and closing of the compressor will produce vibration.

Wine cellars and wine cabinets have their own advantages and disadvantages. Customers can choose the most suitable wine storage method according to their own needs and wine storage requirements. If the storage capacity is large, it is the dream of many wine lovers to establish a wine cellar, but if the storage capacity is not large, installing a wine cabinet in the restaurant or at the corner of the stairs is also elegant.

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