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The value and significance of wine cellar

Five factors affecting wine storage: temperature, humidity, light, vibration and ventilation. Some people will have questions. The wine cellar is a closed space. Why should ventilation be needed to ensure a constant temperature and humidity storage environment for wine? Today, I will introduce why the cellar should be ventilated.

The purpose of ventilation in the wine cellar is to maintain better air in the wine cellar. Too much alcohol volatilizes and the air is not smooth, which will form flammable gas accumulation, which is more dangerous. Better air is also conducive to the breathing of staff and the drying of wine cellars.

The humidity of the wine cellar is maintained at 60%-70%. In a humid environment, the circulation of air is mainly to prevent the growth of bacteria. Wet cork is easy to produce harmful smell, and strong smell penetrates the cork and changes the original quality of wine. The cellar equipment absorbs fresh air and evenly evacuate the air to prevent the breeding of bacteria.

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The flow of air can also effectively remove the miscellaneous flavor or other musty flavor in the wine cellar, and maintain a superior environment for wine storage.

In addition, many liquor products breathe strongly, and foreign odors are easy to enter the bottle through the cork and cap, so that they are absorbed by the liquor. In particular, it should be noted that strong smelling items such as detergent, pickles, stinky tofu, cheese and so on should be prevented from entering the wine cellar.

How to realize the ventilation of wine cellar? It is necessary to adopt the special fresh air system for the wine cellar and install the full heat exchange fresh air circulation system to adjust the outdoor air temperature close to the indoor air temperature and then send it indoors. At the same time, it drives the air circulation indoors to form a constant humidity space, so that the wine can always be stored in a good air environment.