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Dike wine cellar is customized to taste life

Life is like a glass of wine, sometimes full-bodied, hot and intoxicating, sometimes light and refreshing, flat and light

Private cellar - originated from the prosperous era of French wine, it is different from the cellar for storing wine in general.

It can be defined as a private wine cellar, which is not only a private space for wine storage, but also shows the owner's attitude of tasting and living.

French wine taster Patrice cuya once said: in the rich circle of Europe, tens of thousands of people who store wine are much more proud than those who have three Ferraris at home.

A high standard of wealth is whether you have a rare wine cellar.

Huizhou Tuofu wine cellar Co., Ltd. focuses on the production and research and development of wood products. The company's "TECO" brand mainly deals with two series of high-end whole wood customization and overall wine cellar customization, and its products cover whole wood series products such as overall wine cellar, cloakroom, wardrobe, wall panel and so on.

Even Forbes magazine spoke highly of private wine cellars: "in the future, it will no longer be private swimming pools and gyms, but private wine cellars that show the quality of life." Just like the world's first villa "three lakes villa" selected by us, its value is not only reflected in the three beautiful lakes as gemstones, but also reflected in a private wine cellar that can store 3000 bottles of wine.

Private wine cellar, a lifestyle that pursues material and spiritual satisfaction at the same time, is a symbol of taste, fashion and identity like study and garage. Of course, this is only for those who have this economic ability. It is a manifestation of wealth and cultural taste and a symbol of your supreme status.

Maybe you have many bottles of rare and precious wine, but have you prepared enough for hiding them?

If not, please find a private space for them from now on. There, you can give them love and care all the time, because it is the holy land of top-level wine and the end of private collection. If you have never had such an idea, maybe you will leave a trace of regret. Because there is nothing more surprising than opening a private wine cellar for you who love wine.

The magic charm of private wine cellar is that in the space of private taste, no matter how things change, your beloved singer is dead and your favorite person is gone. Fortunately, a bottle of red wine helps you preserve the taste at that time. Every time you open it in the dust and smoke, it has nothing to do with the peach blossom blooming and falling, but the sense of happiness and luxury of being understood, spoiled, and idle with floating life.

Wine is not only the exclusive property of merchants. As a member of quality life, it has entered private wine cellars. As an indispensable architectural structure or facility of top villas, wine cellars have become an independent design element. The prevalence of wine cellars fully reflects the design concept of quality life and leads the development trend of modern villas in the world.

Judging from the current international situation, wine cellars have been integrated into people's lives.

In China, it is not only the label of fashion, the pioneer of fashion, but also the spokesman of quality life. As the owner of the villa, we cannot live without quality life, let alone the company of the wine cellar. A villa without a wine cellar is like a bird with broken wings, unable to fly high, and can only look at the air and sigh helplessly, leaving unlimited regrets.