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Tyco cellar: wine storage instructions

Whether wine is stored well or not has a great impact on the taste of wine. Improper storage will change the aroma and flavor of wine, and even make wine deteriorate. So how to store wine?

First of all, for wine that has not been opened, the temperature, light, humidity of the storage space and the placement of wine bottles should be considered during storage.

For example, the temperature of wine storage should be kept constant, and must be between 10 ℃ and 15 ℃, and 12 ℃ is the best temperature; Wine should be placed horizontally or sideways; The storage environment should avoid strong light and heat radiation; The humidity of the storage environment should be controlled at about 70%.


The wine that has not been drunk after opening the bottle can be stored by cold storage, resealing, upright storage, bottle changing and vacuum bottle stopper. If placed in the refrigerator for refrigeration; Put the cork back into the bottle exactly as it is; Pour the remaining wine into the new wine bottle, etc.

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