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How long is it best to freeze wine?

In the hot summer, most wines are suitable for drinking after slightly freezing, including red wine, white wine, sparkling wine and sweet wine. Next, Fred dexheimer, an American sommelier, will explain how different types of famous grape wines should be frozen to bring people the most pleasant enjoyment.


1、 Sparkling wine


"I think sparkling wine is suitable for drinking at a slightly higher temperature, because when the temperature is too low, it is difficult to taste the flavor of biscuits, stone nuts and cream cake brought by yeast autolysis," said Fred dexheimer, a Master Sommelier, "There is a limit to the best drinking temperature of sparkling wine. I like to put the frozen sparkling wine on the table and let it slowly absorb the temperature of the environment until it reaches 45-50 degrees Fahrenheit."


Freezing time of sparkling wine:


(1) In the refrigerator - 2.5 hours;


(2) In refrigerator - 20-25 minutes;


(3) In an ice bucket - 10 minutes.


2、 White wine


The daixheimer sommelier suggested that white wines with high acidity, such as muscadet and Chablis, should be drunk at a temperature of 45 degrees Fahrenheit; Full bodied white wines, such as RH ô ne white wine and Burgundy white wine, can be drunk at 50 degrees Fahrenheit. If the drinking temperature of white wine is too low, its aroma and flavor will be affected and cannot be brought into full play. If the drinking temperature of white wine is too low, its acidity, mineral flavor and local characteristics will be weakened.


Freezing time of white wine:


(1) In the refrigerator - 2.5 hours (high acid) /2 hours (full wine);


(2) In the refrigerator - 25 minutes (high acid) /20 minutes (full wine);


(3) In ice bucket - 10 minutes (high acid) /6 minutes (full-bodied wine).


3、 Red wine


"I firmly believe that at 5 below normal room temperature ˚ Drinking red wine at a temperature around f can achieve the best effect, "said the daixheimer sommelier." in this way, you can fully experience the vitality and fresh taste of red wine. If you drink red wine at a high temperature, you can only taste the essence, fruit and oak in the wine. "


Freezing time of red wine:


(1) In the refrigerator - 40 minutes;


(2) In refrigerator - 6 minutes;


(3) In an ice bucket - 3 minutes.


4、 Sweet wine


Dexheimer believes that sweet wines such as Sauternes and beerenauslese should be at 40 ˚ F. "Sweet wine has high acidity. At the same time, in order to prevent excessive sweetness from covering up the acidity, it is necessary to drink sweet wine at a lower temperature." If you drink fortified sweet wine, such as port, at a higher temperature, you will feel that the wine has a strong grape flavor and high alcohol content. "If conditions permit, I will freeze the port wine to 62-63 ˚ F. This temperature is 10 degrees higher than room temperature and several degrees higher than the temperature of the wine cellar. "


Freezing time of sweet wine:


(1) In the refrigerator - 2.75 hours (45 minutes for fortified sweet wine);


(2) In the refrigerator - 30 minutes (7 minutes for fortified sweet wine);


(3) In an ice bucket - 11 minutes (4 minutes for fortified sweet wine).

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