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TECO specializes in customizing wine cellars and wine racks

The whole wine rack is made of imported oak, fully manual butt joint natural wood tenon structure, rounded corner trimming and beautification process; Professional grinding, polishing, waxing, environmental protection surface treatment, environmental protection and no odor.


According to ergonomics, Tyco cellar has developed a wine rack with a table for wine storage enthusiasts. The overall effect is atmospheric, and wine can be tasted at any time. Wine storage enthusiasts can also mobilize wine racks at any time according to their own preferences.


During the production process, taking into account the actual situation of customers, TECO made a movable fulcrum in the packing area, which is also a highlight of self-made wine racks. Customers can adjust the distance up and down according to the size of their wine boxes, and can also be arranged into a reclining wine rack for display! This is incomparable to other cellar companies.


Tico wine rack is made of oak imported from North America, which is finely polished and suitable for placement in various places. It is the best combination of display and storage.


Unique wine rack material: imported oak from all North America, which is by no means comparable to ordinary solid wood wine racks. It has natural super anti-corrosion performance, does not do surface treatment such as paint, and has a very long service life in a non corrosive environment; The wood is delicate and has a faint original fragrance of solid wood. It has a natural moisture regulating effect without painting; Wood has larger inner space, better heat preservation effect than ordinary wood, and is not easy to transfer cold and heat. It is the best wine rack material


Classic: log plain color, fine grinding and polishing.


Convenience: TECO wine rack does not need to be additionally installed and fixed, eliminating unnecessary trouble.


Long term: natural solid wood has super anti-corrosion performance and long service life.


Customized: the wine rack can be customized according to the customer's requirements, and the details depend on the customer's requirements.

Tyco has a unique constant temperature and humidity engineering process in the industry, adhering to the "five in one" service system of business planning, marketing guidance, scheme design, construction and production, and after-sales maintenance. Tyco is a leading professional cellar designer and manufacturer in China, and has been focusing on cellar products for many years.