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Do you know the three types of wine cellars?

At present, the companies selling wine cellars and wine cabinets in China are roughly divided into three categories:


The first category: in some small workshops that used to produce furniture, customers who want to build a wine cabinet or wine rack can also do it, but because they have no experience in this field, especially the technical problems in the thermostatic system of wine cabinets;


The second category: Companies in the form of trade, which sign a name and then register a brand, say that they can do a lot of business. Such companies should see what companies they cooperate with, and control the quality in the hands of OEM factories;


The third category: companies with their own brands, physical stores and factories pay great attention to the quality and service of their products, because they know that bad performance in any aspect will affect the image of the whole company.


Tyco cellar is a professional cellar design company in China and a leading wine storage expert. The company is an enterprise that focuses on the research and development, design, production and marketing of cellar engineering solutions, and focuses on providing storage, display and overall solutions for global high-end wines and cigars. Tyco wine cellars are mainly designed and customized by private cellars, high-end wine cabinet products and wine accessories accessories around red wine. At present, the design and customization of private cellars is a high-end industry in China.