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Tyco cellar: quality guarantee, noble choice

Dike whole cellar is a classic brand of Huizhou Tuofu cellar Co., Ltd. It is a leading professional cellar designer and manufacturer in China, and has been focusing on cellar products for many years. Our construction cases can be found in many first tier cities in China. We are proud of our excellent scheme design and precise workmanship. Whether you are customizing your private house or exhibiting in a store, we can provide the most perfect wine cellar and the most professional service.


Every customer who wants to be a cellar hopes to find the most professional contractor, and our understanding of the profession is more specific. It requires dedicated research on red wine culture and wine cellar history, more than ten years of experience in high-end woodwork and wine cellar design, countless successful cases in the construction team, and the construction of constant temperature equipment and thermal insulation walls should reach the industry-leading level.

Tuofu cellar is willing to contribute all its wisdom to customers' desire for a better home life. Strive to create a classic private custom home to arouse the glory and nobility of life!