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TECO creates a high-end integrated wine cellar for you

1. Original design style and concept:


TECO is an enterprise with a team of professional cellar environmental designers. From the overall style of the cellar to artistic details, building materials supporting, the authentic European design performance, taste and nobility are integrated.


2. Ecological constant temperature and humidity simulation:


TECO wine cellar perfectly applies the wine storage environment control scheme of the constant temperature wine cabinet to the design of the wine cellar, and realizes the professional wine storage environment control from the aspects of constant temperature, heat insulation, waterproof, shock absorption, ventilation, odor removal and so on;

TECO integrated cellar

3. Oak and other high-end materials:


The whole wine cellar of Tyco wine cellar adopts oak and beech imported from Europe for wine storage. The only enterprise in China that has passed the formaldehyde free detection of oak solid wood wine shelf and the inspection and certification of indoor environment of wine cellar ensures the food level standard of wine storage environment.


4. Personalized customization, highlighting the noble identity theme cellar:


TECO's overall wine cellar, everything starts from the details and personal style of customers, and pays attention to the sense of exclusivity of customers. Each wine cellar is based on different sites and personal aesthetic tastes of customers, and creates exquisite wine cellars that meet the requirements of the owner with personalized design style, creating a unique wine cellar Kingdom, which reflects the owner's unique aesthetic concept and cultural sentiment.


5. Leisure, business and other complex multi-functional wine cellar design:


TECO's overall wine cellar is not only a place to store wine, but also extends the new space of modern social life, and introduces the wine cellar into the functions of other living and social places, such as cultural leisure, reception, etiquette, communication and even business social networking. It has created a new concept of leisure etiquette, highlighting the respected style and extraordinary taste of the owner of the private wine cellar.


6. Multi art cellar style expression:


Tyco wine cellar creates various artistic styles such as pastoral, luxurious, classical and rural through various forms of expression such as wine shelf plastic art, oil painting art and ceiling art in the wine cellar. With a cultural sense full of classics and leisure, create a new concept home space, and comprehensively improve customers' life and artistic taste.


7. Pure handmade craft of wine rack:


Dike cellar solid wood wine shelves are all selected from imported precious solid wood logs, which are manually created by craftsmen through more than 20 handicraft level processing processes; All solid wood wine shelves adopt a fully manual butt joint wooden mortise structure, and natural logs have strong wooden mortises, which are tight and firm.


TECO wine cellar also pays attention to humanization and artistry outside the product quality. The main wine shelf wood strip is treated with the "round corner" trimming process to enhance the artistic beauty and prevent the edges and corners from hurting people.


8. 100% whole process quality control


TECO wine cellar has a unique constant temperature and humidity engineering process in the industry, adhering to the "five in one" service system of business planning, marketing guidance, scheme design, construction and production, and after-sales maintenance, so as to truly customize the overall supporting furniture that meets the needs of customers and is personalized, and provide natural, healthy, elegant and noble log household products for consumers.