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Wine cellar air conditioner is a special equipment specially used for wine cellar

TECO's advantages over conventional air conditioners are:

The adjustable temperature is lower, and the minimum temperature of household air conditioner can only reach 20 degrees, while the temperature of wine cellar equipment can reach 12 degrees or even lower.


Constant temperature and humidity function. Household air conditioners will absorb moisture while cooling, making the room more and more dry. The cellar equipment has its own humidification water tank, which can maintain the humidity in the room at a high level.


Automatic start and control function. The wine cellar equipment has a special special control module, which will automatically start when the power is restored after power failure, unlike household air conditioners that require human intervention. After the temperature and humidity are set, the equipment will work continuously in the full-automatic mode.


Long endurance and low failure rate. The working time and frequency of wine cellar air conditioner is much higher than that of household air conditioner, which can operate continuously all year round, regardless of spring, summer, autumn and winter. However, the failure rate of household air conditioners will be very high under such a frequency of use. The main components used in the cellar equipment are specially equipped with wear-resistant equipment, which has more lasting endurance and reliability, so as to ensure the safety of your wine storage.


At present, the high-end solid wood compressor constant temperature wine cabinet, personalized customized wine cabinet and other products produced by Tyco wine cellar have won the recognition of customers at home and abroad. The overall wine cellar engineering customers are all over real estate enterprises, star hotels, high-end clubs, private villas and other fields. The service scope covers all parts of the country, and the brand has been deeply integrated into the hearts of major consumers.