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"TECO" brand under Tuofu cellar

Dike customized solid wood wine cabinets can design different styles according to customers' requirements and preferences, and customize high-end, luxurious and unique wine shelves. Dike wine cellar company has a professional design team and construction team, and standard workshops produce solid wood wine shelves and wine cabinets.


The standard modern production line has dozens of complete processes, and each process is kept improving. Our carpenters and painters are very experienced Solid wood wine cabinet adopts imported logs, wood tenon structure, environmental protection finish. Professional designers customize it for customers, and design exquisite and unique practical wine cabinet according to local space and size and different requirements of customers. TECO solid wood wine rack and solid wood wine cabinet are suitable for all kinds of occasions, private wine cellar, villa wine cellar, wine winery club, specialty store, home, etc. What TECO does is high-end luxury, Let the owner's high-quality life be fully reflected.


Our customers include many well-known red wine producers and sellers around the world, 5-star hotels, luxury villas, clubs, high-end Western food, bar business places, and red wine collection and appreciation experts. While creating noble and elegant taste for customers, TECO is striving to become a well-known supplier of international red wine storage products and solutions.


Tuofu cellar is willing to contribute all its wisdom to customers' desire for a better home life. Strive to create a classic private custom home to arouse the glory and nobility of life! TECO has a unique constant temperature and humidity engineering process in the industry, adhering to the "five in one" service system of business planning, marketing guidance, scheme design, construction and production, and after-sales maintenance, so as to truly customize the overall supporting furniture that meets the needs of customers and is personalized, and provide natural, healthy, elegant and noble log household products for the majority of consumers. The core of the company is the two efficient organizational structures of "intelligent manufacturing" and "manufacturing", Relying on the hard-working team, firmly believing in the concept of "products are the best spokesmen", we strive to achieve the most professional and refined high-quality enterprises.