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Tuofu professional customized constant temperature wine cellar

It is said that the villa only symbolizes wealth, while the private wine cellar in the backyard of the villa symbolizes wealth. Having a wine cellar indicates an identity, a refined lifestyle, and even an education level.


In fact, private cellars are not only a matter of taste, but also can turn taste into an investment. If villas and private cars are fixed assets, stocks, bonds, mutual funds and bank accounts are liquid assets, then wine hidden in private cellars is your "liquid assets".


Wine is a living thing. After bottling, it will continue to grow and mature, making the aroma of the wine richer, the taste more mellow and supple, and the wine more mature and plump.


The joy of collection and the value of investment are reflected in the process of wine maturation. As the CEO of Opus one wine company in California said: the difference between collectable wine and art is that once the art is completed, it will never change; But a bottle of wine will continue to survive, mature and cross the peak.


Wine has its own life cycle. Generally speaking, the higher the quality of wine, the greater the aging potential. General wine can't be drunk after a few years, while the puberty of investment grade wine can last for 10 or 20 years, and it even takes more than half a century for top-grade wine to enter the perfect state.


Tuofu wine cellar

Due to the special storage performance of wine, the design and arrangement of wine cellar must be scientific, and we must not follow our inclinations.

An ideal wine cellar should meet the following basic requirements:
Wine has strict requirements for temperature. The normal storage temperature of wine is 10 ℃ ~15 ℃, and the maximum temperature should not exceed 24 ℃, otherwise the style of precious wine will be destroyed.
The purpose of ventilation is to maintain better air in the wine cellar. Too much alcohol volatilizes and the air is not smooth, which will form flammable gas accumulation, which is more dangerous. Better air is also conducive to the breathing of staff and the drying of wine cellars.
The relatively dry environment of the wine cellar can prevent the mildew and decay of the cork, and prevent the falling off and qualitative change of the wine bottle trademark; However, too dry will cause the wine stopper to dry and crack, resulting in excessive volatilization loss of liquor.
Ultraviolet light is harmful to wine storage. Ultraviolet light is easy to cause the occurrence of wine disease (such as wine disease caused by excessive protein caused by light). Ultraviolet light may also aggravate the oxidation process of wine liquor, resulting in weak taste, turbidity, discoloration and other phenomena. It is best to use artificial lighting in the wine cellar, and the intensity and mode of lighting should be properly controlled.

Huizhou Tuofu wine cellar Co., Ltd. focuses on the production and research and development of wood products. The company's "TECO" brand mainly deals with two series of high-end whole wood customization and overall wine cellar customization, and its products cover whole wood series products such as overall wine cellar, cloakroom, wardrobe, wall panel and so on.