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Oak barrel wine storage management

Time for barrel entry: red wine should be aged in oak barrels after simple natural clarification after alcohol fermentation and malic acid lactic acid fermentation; A few white wines are fermented in oak barrels and aged with mud.
Storage time: the storage time of wine in oak barrel depends on the quality and type of wine. In principle, the characteristics of oak barrel are mostly used as a beneficial supplement to the aroma and taste of wine. The wood flavor should not be too strong, so as not to cover up its own variety fragrance and aging fragrance. Generally, red wine is 6-18 months, white grape is 2-6 months, the time of wine with thin structure is slightly shorter, and the content of phenolic substances in dry soaking is high The storage time of strong and high-quality wine with dark color can be slightly longer, which needs to be determined by the winemaker through tasting analysis.
Monitoring requirements: during storage, samples should be taken regularly or irregularly to detect the volatile acid, free sulfur dioxide content and other indicators of wine, so as to obtain the hygienic status of wine and relevant component information, and adjust or correct the wine in time. The free SO2 content of barrel wine is high. The thin wine is maintained at about 25mg/l, and the dry white and storable high-quality wine is maintained at about 30mg / L.


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