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How to choose a suitable wine

In front of the wine shelves, we often see some helpless consumers walking around the shelves. In fact, it is not very difficult to choose suitable and affordable wine. TICO cellar suggests that consumers should first determine why they drink wine before choosing wine. Is it for a formal dinner or a relaxed party?


Make your own budget, think about the main course for dinner, and your guests. Are they gourmets or lovers of beef and potatoes? Learn to ask more before buying wine. In a wine store, you can ask the staff there. This is much better than choosing according to the price or the beauty of the wine label.


For beginners of wine appreciation, if you don't want to spend a lot of money on famous Chateau wines, you can choose some vintage but not well-known Chateau wines to taste. You can also buy some wines from countries with high cost performance, such as Chile, Italy, etc.


After reading the year, the next step is the grade. French people used to divide French wine into four levels: AOC, vdqs, VDP and VDT. AOC is the highest level of French wine. On the wine label, it will generally be marked as "appellation region name CONTROLEE".


To evaluate the quality of a red wine, the first step is to observe its color in the glass. For dark wine, the part of the wine closest to the glass wall. If the color is red, purple and other darker colors, it means that the year is relatively recent; The liquor is orange, yellow and shiny, indicating that it has been stored for a certain year. Under good light, if the overall clarity of the liquor is high and there is no sediment in the cup, it indicates that the quality is good. After shaking the wine glass, the "wine tears" remaining on the glass wall become more prominent, indicating that the wine has high precision or sugar content, and the substances in the wine are relatively rich. TECO is a professional cellar construction expert.


The second step is to smell incense. For beginners of wine tasting, it is also a good feeling to imagine according to the grape varieties and aroma characteristics described on the Chinese back label. There are three sources of aroma in wine: grape fruit, fermentation and aging. At present, more than 500 kinds of aroma substances have been found in wine. For example, the red wine brewed by Cabernet Sauvignon is rich in blackcurrant, cypress, mint, chocolate, tobacco and other flavors, while the Merlot red wine has rose, plum, poinsettia, and Cabernet. Fran's red wine has the aroma of chocolate, blackcurrant, green pepper, raspberry and so on. These aromas, either natural or fermented or brewed in oak barrels, add a lot of fun to the taste of red wine.


Finally, when tasting, drink a small mouthful of wine and stir it fully with your tongue. If you breathe in the air slightly, the aroma and characteristics of the wine will be more obvious, and then swallow the wine. It takes about 15 seconds from the time the wine enters the mouth to the time it is drunk. High quality red wine generally has a long and sweet aftertaste and rich taste. Various flavors coexist harmoniously in the mouth, which does not make one of the sour, sweet or astringent taste particularly abrupt.


Red wine is a kind of fashion consumption. If conditions permit, moderate consumption is understandable. However, when consuming red wine, we must have choices and act according to our ability. We should not only pursue taste, but also pay attention to economic affordability.


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