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Wine cellar classification and function introduction

Wine cellar is a general term for storing wine, which can be divided into wine cellar and wine storage cellar.
1. Wine cellar
As the name suggests, wine cellar is used for making wine, which can also be called winery cellar. Generally, the wine container of wine is oak barrel. Wine brewing is an extremely complex process. There are strict requirements in terms of timing, storage time, monitoring requirements and barrel filling cycle, and any process can not be underestimated. Now, in addition to the wine making function, the cellar of the winery also has some functions of tourism and visit.
2. Wine cellar
Wine needs to be aged in the cellar before leaving the factory. After leaving the factory, it should be stored in the wine cellar, and there are many types of wine cellars.
3. Private wine cellar
Private wine cellars originated from the prosperous era of French wine, which are different from the general wine cellars. It can be defined as a private wine cellar. It is not only a private wine storage space for wine storage, but also a private place for the owner to receive people and treat things, relax and entertain, and highlight the owner's attitude of tasting and living. Private cellars are relatively diversified in site selection, design style and so on, and most of them are selected according to personal preferences.
4. Club wine cellar
As the main place for senior members and major VIP activities, the wine cellar of the club is much more detailed and complex than other places in terms of functional requirements and spatial relationships. The wine cellar of the club is a relatively elegant and emotional enjoyment, so the design of the wine cellar of the club should give consideration to practicality and appreciation. Some qualified customers will set up a small constant temperature wine room in such a wine cellar to store relatively expensive wine. Colleagues can also meet customers' psychological needs and display effects for professional wine cellars.
5. Bar cellar
The design of bar cellar is generally large, and the decoration should integrate appreciation and comfort as much as possible, because it will take into account the function of drinking bars in exclusive stores. In terms of operation, it is also relatively extensive. In addition to all kinds of alcohol, there are also some food, etc. the situation of guests in this type of cellar will be relatively extensive. Compared with the single operation mode, this operation mode has less risk, but it will be more fortunate and bitter.

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