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Real estate anti-counterfeiting cellar consumption trap

At present, wine cellar has become a popular trend of high-end consumption. Therefore, many real estate developers pay attention to this and use the gimmick of "wine cellar villa" to attract people's attention. In fact, these real estate developers do not have any experience in wine cellars. Just building a "wine cellar" in a new villa or high-end residence that looks like that can more than double the house price. This phenomenon is very common in the real estate industry in Dongguan, Shenzhen, Guangzhou and other places.


What are "fake wine cellars"? These fake wine cellars only have "the shape of wine cellars". How to make them beautiful is actually a simple combination of "luxury decoration household air conditioning laminates". This simple combination has defrauded the owners of hundreds of thousands of costs. In addition, the harm of this "fake wine cellar" to wine is infinite. Hundreds of thousands or millions of wine owners exist in it, which not only cannot be appreciated, but poor storage conditions lead to the deterioration of the quality of these precious wines, the depreciation of their value, and even deterioration into a pile of useless liquids.


Refrigeration equipment: the temperature in the wine cellar should be constant at 5-18 degrees Celsius for 24 hours a year, which is too high a pressure for ordinary air conditioners. Professional wine cellar production teams will adopt professional wine cellar air conditioners. The main parts used by professional wine cellar air conditioners (such as compression and controller) are specially equipped with wear-resistant equipment, which has more lasting endurance and reliability. It is not something that real estate developers think central air conditioners and ordinary air conditioners can solve. In addition, ordinary air conditioners will make the room more and more dry. Wine cellar air conditioners can store water molecules in the wine cellar, so as to have a small impact on the humidity in the wine cellar space and achieve a good moisturizing effect.


Light source: pay close attention to those "fake wine cellars" made by real estate developers. Beautiful crystal lights and bright spotlights illuminate the wine cellar with incomparable luxury, and the temperature is also rising. This is the performance of real estate developers, construction companies and designers who do not understand wine. Wine under the light is the worst. Professional wine cellar production companies will take this into account. Cold light lamps will be used in professional wine cellars, with the light facing the ceiling and illuminated by the light reflected from the ceiling. In this way, the intensity and mode of lighting are properly controlled to minimize the damage of temperature caused by light to wine.


Wine Rack: in a real estate in Dongguan, the wine rack is made of laminates in the "wine cellar" model room. In fact, when the humidity of the cellar is so high, the wine rack made of plywood will become moldy and bad in a few years, and the load-bearing capacity will also be affected. And the peculiar smell of moldy plywood will also affect the quality of wine. In this nondescript "fake wine cellar", the wine owners hope to get appreciation will be hurt by fake and inferior products.


Insulation layer: the author learned after contacting many red wine trainers that the insulation layer in the wine cellar is an important link. In the wine cellar model rooms in some high-end buildings in Dongguan, simple insulation layers are used, pasted layer by layer, and deceived the owners, so as to have a good insulation effect. Even the person in charge of some high-end real estate told reporters that there is no need for insulation in the wine cellar, and air conditioning can solve the temperature problem in the wine cellar.


In addition to the above four main parts, there are more details of the "fake wine cellar" that can't stand the test. Real estate developers can cheat hundreds of thousands of people out of their pockets by spending only a few thousand yuan more to build a fake wine cellar.