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Requirements for storing red wine on solid wood wine rack
1. The red wine purchased by ordinary families cannot be drunk at one time. During storage, the wine should be placed horizontally so that it can contact the cork, keep the cork in contact with the wine liquid moist, and tilt it at a small angle. It can not only contact the cork with the wine liquid, but also let the red wine residue settle at the bottom. Tyco cellar believes that if the cork is dry, it will shrink and leak, resulting in poor taste of red wine, so it should be placed horizontally.
2. The original design of the red wine rack was just to facilitate people to better store red wine when they can't drink it at one time. However, with the continuous updating of the design, gradually, the red wine rack is also the same as red wine, which means a kind of taste. All kinds of strange red wine racks emerge in endlessly! It seems to be a little out of tune with this taste. Maybe life is more interesting.
3. Wine rack can also be said to be a kind of decoration, which makes the whole look more upscale and tasteful.
4. A very important role of wine rack is that it is often the main part of the overall wine cellar design, and all designs such as decoration are centered on her. The creativity of wine shelf design sometimes determines the aesthetics of the overall wine cellar.
Wine rack is an important part of a professional wine cellar, and the trend in the world today is to build a wine cellar made of all solid wood materials.
Ordinary wooden wine racks are often made of very pure logs. The most subtle parts reflect the designer's mind and try to retain its natural and simple characteristics. Under the action of a layer of transparent paint on the surface, the original nodes and cracks on the wood are strengthened.
As an inborn favorite of wine collectors, the simple and natural wooden wine rack is in line with people's psychology of returning to nature. It can present beauty in a natural way and exude a different idyllic tranquility.
In fact, the wooden wine rack not only plays a role of placement, but also because of its similar material characteristics with cork, it can show the quality of storage conditions. The wood often used to make solid wood wine racks in China is mostly European red beech and American red oak. The wine rack is carved with fine and smooth grooves, parallel or vertical, so that wine bottles of different shapes can be safely stored, which is convenient for wine collectors to manage.
In addition, the strength and duration of the smoking and baking of the solid wood of the wine rack before making will bring different flavors to the wine rack. During the storage and fermentation of wine, the wood fragrance of the solid wood wine rack will be dissolved into the wine through the bottle stopper, making the wine smell richer.
In terms of practicality, imported hardwood, which is not easy to deform and has good strength, should be selected as the main material for the wine rack wood. Of course, taking into account the specific requirements of customers, some low-cost wood has gradually become a hot spot of market consumption. TECO cellar can customize the wood of the wine shelf of the cellar according to the requirements of customers.