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Matters needing attention in wine cellar construction
Do you have a wine cellar? In recent years, wine cellar products have frequently come into people's attention. If families who have the habit of storing red wine generally use wine cabinets, if the storage capacity is large and the owners have strong economic ability, they can consider building a wine cellar. The customers who use wine cellars are generally wine merchants, real estate developers, hotel owners, private villa owners, large catering institutions, etc. Next, Tyco cellar will share with you some key points that should be paid attention to when designing the cellar.

(1) Insulation of enclosure structure:

Good enclosure and heat preservation are very important for wine cellars. Even if the wine cellar is built in the basement, the temperature and humidity of the wine cellar will fluctuate greatly due to seasonal differences and heat transfer between different room temperatures. At the same time, the load of cellar air conditioning unit increases and energy consumption is wasted. If the enclosure structure with good design and construction is insulated, the heat transfer between the enclosure structure and the outside world will be greatly reduced, and the accuracy of temperature and humidity can be accurately controlled. At the same time, the load of the cellar air conditioning unit is very small, and the energy consumption is also very small, which not only prolongs the service life of the cellar air conditioning unit, but also saves energy.

Enclosure thermal insulation structure:

Damp proof course → insulation course → reinforced protective layer → damp proof course → decorative layer.

Performance characteristics of insulation layer: thermal conductivity ≤ 0.026 (w/m.k); Fire protection, good heat preservation performance, sound absorption, good sealing, light weight, high hardness, non-toxic, convenient construction. The thickness is 50-100mm.

(2) Wine rack design:

Generally, American oak is the main material for wine shelves, and cheap white pine and expensive mahogany can also be selected.

The shape of the wine rack is designed according to the requirements of the owner, such as classical or modern, collection or business, large or small. In other words, no wine cellar has the same wine rack design.

The storage type is generally in-line storage. At the same time, a full box storage space will be designed at the lower part of the wine rack, so that the owner can store the whole box of wine that has not been unpacked. According to the actual situation of the building, some arc transition areas similar to the porch can also be designed, so that a relaxed transition space can appear in the dense wine bottles. In such a transition area, you can place some works of art / wine tasting utensils, etc. Some cigar drawers can also be designed at the same time, because the temperature and humidity environment of the wine cellar is also very suitable for storing cigars. All wood products are made of logs without paint. In a constant temperature and humidity environment, the primary color of logs can be maintained, and at the same time, no odor can be guaranteed.

(3) Interior decoration design:

The theme of interior decoration design is the stored wine. A wide range of good wine and exquisite wine shelves are enough to attract people's attention, so the interior decoration design has low color matching treatment for the wall and ceiling, and the floor adopts ceramic tiles or solid wood floors.

(4) Lighting design:

The lighting design adopts cold light source, with adjustable brightness. Generally, the illumination is controlled at 5-10 (LX), which can be properly adjusted when guests visit.

(5) Design and selection of air conditioner for constant temperature and humidity wine cellar:

Nafis wall mounted wine cellar air conditioner, computer temperature control, temperature range 12 ℃ -30 ℃, including copper pipes and cables within 15 meters. Indoor unit size: 800 × three hundred and eighty × 380。

1. Operating environment: -10 ℃ ~ 45 ℃;

2. Air humidity can be controlled at the same time: 40% - 80%;

3. R410A fluorine free high efficiency refrigerant;

4. Quiet and efficient, noise as low as 40dB, eer:3, cop:3;

5. Multi function LCD control panel, temperature and humidity display, temperature and humidity control, fully automatic operation;

6、 Construction cost

Due to the space and design effect, generally speaking, the construction of wine cellar starts from 10 square meters, and the most basic price is more than 100000. Generally, the size of private wine cellar is 10-60 square meters. Because the equipment is basically the same, the smaller the area, the higher the relative cost.