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A variety of wine racks are available, and only customization is more popular

  1. Stackable wine rack


This type of wine rack is most suitable for general wine lovers, because it is easy to install and can store the largest amount of wine. It is a very simple and rough practical wine rack.


  2. Table type wine rack


Compared with the first type of wine rack, the quantity of wine that can be stored on the table type wine rack may be slightly inferior, but the biggest advantage of this type of wine rack is to save space. Because this wine rack is integrated with the small table, and the place under the table is where the wine is placed. It is very suitable for wine lovers who often drink, but have relatively small space at home.


  3. Wall Mounted Wine Rack


The wall hanging wine rack is another sharp weapon to save space. At the same time, if the style is properly designed, it can also be used as household accessories and become an eye-catching scenic spot in the home. It can really kill two birds with one stone. Whenever relatives and friends visit home, they will definitely have a high evaluation of the owner's taste when they see the good wine on the wall!


 4. Wine cabinet


The wine cabinet belongs to the advanced version of all the above wine shelves, which is specially aimed at wine enthusiasts. Different from the traditional wine rack with only aging function, these high-tech wine cabinets with temperature control and light control function can provide a more ideal storage environment, so that these high-quality wines can have a longer "life".


5. Customized wine rack


As the name suggests, customized wine shelves are customized wine shelves for customers, which can be designed according to the specific situation of the home (space, orientation, temperature, etc.). TECO is a modern enterprise specializing in wine cellar design, winery design, wine cabinet customization, cigar room, wine shelf production and installation, and a one-stop professional wine cellar customization service. This customized wine shelf goes beyond the definition of general wine shelves. It is more designed as a professional mini bar or a small wine cellar. It is the wine storage field of wine local tyrants. It is the wine storage expert around you. With our own core technology and brand, and the pricing power of the brand, we can provide you with more preferential and cost-effective products and services. 400-6419-866 welcome to inquire!.