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There are three main benefits of oak to make wine racks

In fact, the first connection between wine and oak was an accident. More than 2000 years ago, the Romans began to expand their territory around the world. One of the military supplies carried by the army was wine. In order to better store wine, the Romans followed the practice of the ancient Egyptians and used clay pots to store and transport wine, because if properly sealed, the tightness of clay pots is far better than that of other instruments. However, when marching northward into Europe, the bulky and fragile clay pots brought great difficulties to transportation, so the Romans began to look for alternatives. Later, the Romans found that the barrels used by the Gauls to transport beer were usually made of oak, and their difficulties were solved.

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Compared with other wood, using oak to make barrels has three main advantages


First, oak is softer and easier to bend into the shape of traditional barrels;


Second, oak can be seen everywhere in the forests of the European continent;


Third, the oak has a tight texture and excellent water resistance. Therefore, the Romans quickly turned to using oak barrels to store wine. After a period of time, they were surprised to find that oak barrels not only added new flavor to the wine, but also made its taste more smooth and soft. With the increasingly common use of oak barrels to transport wine, people found that the longer the contact between the two, the richer the characteristics of wine given by oak barrels, so the practice of aging wine in oak barrels has been spread since then.


One of the important roles of oak products in wine brewing is "seasoning". During the brewing process, the wine treated with oak products usually presents the aroma of clove, cinnamon, vanilla and nutmeg, containing caramel, coconut, vanilla, cinnamon, smoke and butter. Wines with high quality often choose oak barrels for fermentation or aging, because there are pores in the oak barrels, and a small amount of oxygen will react subtly with the liquor after entering, making the tannins of the wine softer and the texture more silky and mellow. In addition, during barrel aging, part of the liquor can evaporate through these pores, thereby enhancing the intensity of aroma and flavor. Of course, oak barrels of different types, degrees of newness and baking have different effects on the final style of wine.


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