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TECO's private cellar design is worthy of your trust
For three consecutive years, Tyco has become the exclusive sponsor of the solid wood constant temperature wine cabinet of the spring national sugar and wine fair, which is known as the "best meeting in the world" in the industry.

For those who pursue a high-quality life and those who love wine and collect red wine, the private wine cellar provides a warm "home" for fine wine.
Whether you like drinking or not, we have to admit that if you have one at home Private wine cellarIt immediately makes you look different. In a good or bad mood, they all want to invite their best friends to drink some wine, and don't deliberately think about anything

Tyco cellar
Wine cellarIt is a kind of high-end luxury consumption, which can not only store wine, but also show identity. Keeping the indoor temperature at 14 ° -17 ° can better keep your love wine for you.
Private wine cellar, a lifestyle that pursues both material and spiritual satisfaction, is a symbol of taste, fashion and identity like study and garage. Of course, this is only for those who have this economic ability. It is a manifestation of wealth and cultural taste and a symbol of your supreme status.
If you have never had such an idea, perhaps you will leave a trace of regret. Because there is nothing more surprising than opening a private wine cellar for you who love wine.

Tuofu wine cellar focuses on the production and research and development of wood products. It mainly deals with two series: high-end whole wood customization and whole wine cellar customization. Its products cover whole wood series products such as whole wine cellar, cloakroom, wardrobe, constant temperature wine cabinet, etc.