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Why choose TECO for high-end cellar customization?
Five reasons for choosing TECO for high-end customized cellars:

1. With good quality and service, TECO won the only solid wood in the 86th national sugar and Wine Fair in Chengdu in 2012 Constant temperature wine cabinetsponsor;
2. Domestic leading Wine cellarEngineering solution provider, with its own factory and physical store, reliable quality and high cost performance;
3. Specialty comes from concentration. The company has been focusing on wine cellar engineering and complete supporting facilities for many years. Its series of products include wine cellars, wine cabinets, wine racks and cigar cabinets;
4. Professional personalized customization service, customized wine cellar project, customized constant temperature wine cabinet, customized solid wood wine rack, customized constant temperature cigar cabinet;
5. Complete designer, production, sales and after-sales service team to ensure product quality and service.

Tyco cellar welcomes people from all walks of life to our company to negotiate business guidance and seek common development.

Tyco cellar

Huizhou Tuofu wine cellar Co., Ltd. focuses on the production and research and development of wood products. The company's "TECO" brand mainly deals with two series of high-end whole wood customization and overall wine cellar customization, and its products cover whole wood series products such as overall wine cellar, cloakroom, wardrobe, wall panel and so on.