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Design of wine cellar in Tyco high-end villa

As an indispensable architectural structure or facility for top villas, wine cellar has become an independent design element. Its popularity fully reflects the design concept of quality life and leads the development trend of modern villas in the world.

So how can the cellar be designed to show personality and taste? This problem also plagues a large number of villa buyers in China.

With the professionalism and aesthetics of top villa designers, dike wine cellar customizes personalized private wine cellars, so that you have a unique noble experience.

Precautions for villa wine cellar design

First of all, we should choose the right location and keep away from heat sources. Generally, the storage condition of red wine is that the temperature is 12-15 ℃, and the humidity is about 60-70%. Therefore, the most ideal site for making wine cellars is in the basement below the ground level. Generally, the deeper the wine cellar is built, the better. The most unfavorable place to make a wine cellar is directly under the roof. It may be too hot in summer and too cold in winter. The wine cellar located indoors is best placed in the northwest, which is not easy to be exposed to direct sunlight. It is better to choose the location of the wine cellar on the lower floor of the building than on the upper floor.

Cellar door: the door of the cellar should usually have a frame and an exhaust hole. If aesthetics is not the main standard, the iron door with insulating layer can also be considered as the selection range of the cellar door. The main problem is that there should be exhaust on the door and a door rail. The single-layer glass door is not insulated, so the double-layer insulating glass needs to be selected when making the wine cellar door.

Lighting part: it is best to choose cold light source. Incandescent lamps generate heat energy; Fluorescent lamps produce a lot of invisible ultraviolet rays, which seriously damage the structure of wine, so they can not be used as the lighting source of wine cellar.

Cellar air conditioning: it is mainly considered to be stable and quiet. It is best to have humidification and constant humidity functions. When the humidity inside the cellar is too high, it can also play the function of dehumidification. When installing the cellar air conditioner, attention should be paid to the position of the air outlet in the internal design of the installed cellar air conditioner and the water supply and drainage position requirements of the cellar air conditioner.

Customization of overall wine cellar: it is recommended to choose a professional overall wine cellar design and manufacturing company to design according to the space and the owner's requirements for style, including the quantity of wine stored, wine bottle specifications, different materials can be selected, and the wine cellar that meets the expected style and budget can be customized.

Internal ventilation: there should be some space around the cellar, where the heating can be discharged and fresh air can be pumped in. The residual exhaust gas, waste water and noise of refrigeration equipment can be discharged outside. The construction of private wine cellars mainly considers: constant temperature, constant humidity, stability, beauty and easy classification.

Cellar moisture-proof: Dongyirisheng basement moisture-proof and anti condensation patented technology, which professionally solves the problem of moisture in the basement and makes your basement more comfortable!

Wall insulation: the inner wall of the wine cellar often plays a role in insulation, so the wall, ceiling and floor of the wine cellar must be insulated. This is a professional link in the construction of wine cellars.