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Precautions when using wine cabinet to store wine

In daily life, wine cabinet is the most ideal wine freezing tool, which can freeze wine to the appropriate temperature. Although the ordinary refrigerator can also freeze wine, it is not suitable for long-term storage of wine because of its unstable temperature and insufficient humidity. For wine collectors with more wine, wine cellar is certainly the best choice; For collectors or consumers with limited wine storage, wine cabinet is the most ideal choice, economical and practical.

When using wine cabinet to store wine, the following points should be paid attention to:

1. Wine cabinet in single temperature zone. If you plan to store red wine and white wine at the same time in a single temperature wine cabinet, you'd better adjust the temperature to 54 degrees Fahrenheit (12 degrees Celsius). Although different versions of single temperature wine cabinets have their own ideal temperature settings, setting the temperature at 12 degrees Celsius can ensure that the wine temperature is not too high; If the temperature is too low for some wines, it will not affect the quality of the wine, but will slow down its ripening process.

2. Double temperature wine cabinet. This wine cabinet is divided into two different wine storage areas, and the temperature of the two areas can be set independently, which is suitable for storing two different types of wine. The temperature of one area can be set between 50-65 degrees Fahrenheit (10-18 degrees Celsius) to store red wine; The temperature of another area is set between 45-50 degrees Fahrenheit (7-10 degrees Celsius) to store white wine.

3. When necessary, gradually adjust the temperature of the wine cabinet. The sudden rise of temperature will cause the pressure in the bottle to increase, forcing the liquor to exude from the cork; The sudden drop in temperature will let air into the bottle and affect the oxidation of wine.

4. Avoid changing the temperature of the wine cabinet frequently. Frequent temperature fluctuations will affect the normal ripening process of wine.

5. How to preserve the wine after opening the bottle. After the bottle of white wine is opened, it should be resealed with a cork and then put into the wine cabinet. The shelf life is within 5 days. Red wine does not need to be stored in the wine cabinet after it is opened; Only after the bottle is resealed, it is best to drink it within 2 days.

6. Close the door of the wine cabinet. Make sure the door of the wine cabinet is closed and sealed at any time, otherwise the temperature inside the wine cabinet will be higher than the ideal temperature.

7. Avoid oxidation. All wines sealed with corks should be placed horizontally or sideways. The shelf inside the wine cabinet is specially set up to let the wine lie down. Lying down can keep the cork moist and prevent external air from entering the bottle. When the wine is placed upright, the cork will gradually become too dry, allowing air to penetrate into the bottle, affecting the quality of the wine.

8. Avoid moving bottles frequently. Frequent movement of wine bottles will affect the ripening process of wine. If you have a lot of wine, you'd better set up the system placement method of wine in advance to avoid moving bottles often in the future.

9. Put the wine cabinet in the right place. Keep the wine cabinet away from vibration. The external vibration will make the wine "restless" and eventually damage its quality.

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