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The relationship between Tyco cellar and Tuofu cellar

"Dike" is a brand of Huizhou Tuofu wine cellar Co., Ltd., which mainly produces high-end constant temperature wine cellars, constant temperature wine cabinets, customized wine racks, and customized production and installation of whole wood in hotels, villas and large flat floors.

After more than 10 years of exploration and development, the company has developed into a powerful enterprise integrating wine cellar design, R & D and sales. Based on rich experience in full house customization and a deep understanding of light luxury and minimalism, its main products include overall wardrobe, wine cabinet, bookcase, all kinds of decorative cabinets and wall panels, interior doors, background walls and all kinds of engineering supporting facilities.

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Huizhou Tuofu wine cellar Co., Ltd. focuses on the long-term storage and display of wine and cigars, and is committed to providing the ultimate products and solutions for the long-term storage of wine and cigars.

The production base of the company is located in Huizhou City, Guangdong Province. It has a modern production line of wine shelves and wine cabinets, and is represented by professional solid wood wine shelves and constant temperature wine cabinets to create a classic wine cellar and bring eternal sound to wines with collection value; Professional design, production and sales of a full range of constant temperature wine cellar projects, wine storage cabinets, professional constant temperature wine cellar air conditioners, constant temperature cigar cabinets and other professional wine and tobacco storage products, truly make wine and cigar collection a pleasure in life.

In the field of overall wine cellar engineering, it is a leading service provider engaged in professional wine cellar engineering in China. With high-quality products and good services, it has become the only solid wood constant temperature wine cabinet sponsor of the 86th Chengdu National Sugar and Wine Fair in 2012! The company is different from traditional manufacturing enterprises and decoration industries. TECO integrates the special humanistic requirements of wine cellars with intelligent wine storage technology, adopts multi-level cellar guarantee design, integrates the concept of wine life into product development, pursues scientific and technological innovation of products and the sublimation of wine quality, and strives to achieve the perfect combination of tradition, technology and life;

Our customers include many well-known red wine producers and sellers around the world, five-star hotels, luxury villas, clubs, high-end Western food, bar business places, and red wine collection and appreciation experts. While creating noble and elegant taste for customers, TECO is striving to become a well-known supplier of international red wine storage products and solutions!