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Technology and design of TECO wine cabinet

1. Imported piston compressor, silent and shock proof, super performance, to meet the storage needs of multiple bottles of alcohol;
2. Imported natural high-grade rosewood or oak solid wood box, with a unique artistic appearance, noble and elegant environmental protection paint coating effect, showing a natural, simple, noble and elegant artistic sense as a whole;
3. Microcomputer controlled vertical waterfall air cooling, compared with the traditional uneven cooling mode at the back of the wine cabinet, the cold air flows from the top of the cabinet to the bottom of the cabinet, with more uniform temperature and more accurate temperature control;


4. Frost free air-cooled refrigeration structure design, no directly attached refrigeration parts in the cabinet, no frost in the cabinet, and careful care of the famous wine in the collection;
5. Computer intelligent temperature control, 8-18 ℃ intelligent temperature control in the whole room, led liquid crystal display, and the temperature is clear at a glance;
6. Imported moisture-proof and pressure resistant beech shelf, with a variety of arrangements and display methods, to show the best display effect of alcohol;
7. Control the food level wine storage environment to ensure the food level standard of wine storage environment;
8. Intelligent ceiling lamp is set in the cabinet, which is convenient for taking things at night
9. The whole box body has no edge wrapping process design, and the appearance is integrated with elegance and noble quality;
10. A variety of personalized solid wood panels and colors are available, supporting the home space, and various color products can be customized according to customer requirements