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The sixth generation of Tyco constant humidity machine will be officially put on the market
Recently, according to the disclosure of Tuofu wine cellar, the research and development of the sixth generation constant humidity equipment of Tyco has made a breakthrough, the design concept has been finalized, and the start-up test is being carried out intensively at present. It is said that TECO's sixth generation constant humidity machine will be officially put into the market in August 2019, when it will overturn the traditional constant temperature machine and open a new era of constant humidity machine.

(picture of Tyco's sixth generation constant humidity machine)

In fact, as early as 2017, Tyco announced that it would fully carry out the research and development of the sixth generation constant humidity machine. Compared with the traditional humidifier, the intelligent constant humidity system can control the humidity without residue, and the humidification is even and quieter, so it is easy to control the dominance of constant humidity.

TECO constant humidity machine, temperature and humidity sensor, central control screen and pure water system spray water mist evenly to every corner of the house. The professional indoor air improvement device can improve the problems caused by the dry climate in the cellar, such as the drying and falling off of wine bottle corks, the explosion of cigars in the controllable cigar cabinet, as well as the cracking of furniture, electrostatic hazards and so on.

Tyco humidifier

In addition, professional air improvement devices can also play a dust removal effect for the dust raising space in the wine cellar.

Standard of cigar cabinet for constant humidity system

Constant humidity system: humidity is the ratio of water content in the air to its saturated water content (at a certain temperature), expressed in%. For example, if the relative humidity is 70%, the water content in the air is 70% of its saturation state. The evaporation of water at room temperature can only be carried out with the support of external heat energy. The supply speed of heat energy and the speed of water evaporation reach a stable balance, and the temperature at this equilibrium interface is the wet bulb temperature. The wet bulb temperature will reflect the relative humidity of the air. How the constant humidity system controls the heat energy to evaporate water vapor will determine the advantages and disadvantages of the system humidification. The ability to simply accelerate the evaporation of water molecules through a fan without the drive of heat energy is extremely limited.

The ideal contact with cigars is Xida wood, also known as cedar or cedar, which is an endangered tree species and is extremely precious. If a cigar cabinet uses this kind of wood, the price is naturally much higher.

Why use cedar wood for cigars?

First of all, the unique aroma of cedar wood can be integrated into cigars to enhance the complexity of taste, similar to why wine should be brewed in oak barrels.

Second, cedar wood has good hygroscopicity and stability.

Third, the aroma of cedar wood can drive away cigar worms.

TECO cellar innovation, product value enhancement, energy conservation and environmental protection are the development direction of the industry in the future.