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Some common methods of wine temperature

Temperature is one of the decisive factors affecting wine appreciation. Adjust the temperature of wine, mainly in order not to affect the flavor of wine itself.

Commonly used temperature regulating tools include wine bottle temperature detector, ice bucket, refrigerator, wine cellar, etc.

1. For fortified wine, the simplest way is to put ice cubes. While cooling, it can dilute the strong and irritating taste of wine. Bars use square ice cubes because it melts slowly.

2. Put the whole bottle of wine into an ice bucket with half ice and half water. After 15 to 20 minutes, the temperature will drop below 10 ℃. If you want the temperature to drop faster, you can sprinkle a handful of crude salt in the ice water.

3. You can put white wine on the lower layer of the refrigerator freezer, where the temperature is about 4 ℃. Take out the wine before drinking, and the temperature will rise slightly. Now pour the wine into the cup, and the temperature will be just right.

4. When taking out the red wine refrigerated in the cellar, never put it next to the heating equipment to warm the wine. Take out the wine and put it in a ventilated room for 2 to 3 hours before drinking.

When the wine is poured into the glass, the wine warms up quickly. For example, when the ambient temperature is 25 ℃, 8 ℃ wine will rise to 13 ℃ in about 20 minutes. In order to adjust the drinking temperature of wine, the following measures can be taken:

Temperature rise: avoid directly heating the wine bottle, and put the wine in a warm environment for heating;

Cooling: refrigerator and ice bucket

The cooling time depends on the site conditions. Please observe the temperature in time (you can use a thermometer or hand induction).

In general, the best drinking temperature of various wines is as follows:

Aged dry red wine: 16-18 ℃ (i.e. room temperature)

Young dry red wine: 12-16 ℃

Peach, semi dry, semi sweet and sweet wines: 10-12 ℃

Dry white wine and sparkling wine: 8-10 ℃

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