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TECO cellar shares with you the common sense of imported wine identification

Imported wine should be labeled in Chinese according to regulations. The common contents contained in the label are as follows: grape variety; Wine name; Harvest year; Grade; Production area; Bottler; Winery name; Name of wine producing country; Net content; Alcohol concentration.

The bottle and label of imported wine actually contain a lot of information. Pay attention to it, and you will find that imported wine has the following five characteristics:

1、 The original wine is usually imported in boxes, and the standard box packaging is generally 6 or 12 pieces / box, without any other gift box packaging. These external packaging are customized by channel merchants in China according to the domestic market demand.

2、 There are some different words on the body of each red wine bottle. The English and numbers on the bottom of the original red wine bottle indicate the diameter of the container and the bottle, while the capacity unit on the original bottle is marked with "CL" instead of "ml". If the mark is "ml" ml, it is imported canned wine or fake imported red wine. Tyco cellar

3、 The specific time of wine production can be seen from the production date of original imported wine. For example, the general standard of French red wine is l5186a1110:28. L5 represents 2005, 186 represents France, and it is filled by production line a11 at 10:28 on the 186th day from New Year's day.

4、 Generally, imported wine with original packaging will have international bar code on the back, and the first number of the bar code represents different countries. For example, France is 3, China is 6, the United States is 0, Chile is 7, Spain is 8, Australia is 9, and so on. There are differences between the front and back labels: according to the customs regulations, the front of imported wine bottles should be pasted with the front label of the importing country, and the back should also be pasted with a Chinese back label. If there is no formal Chinese back label, it must be from an unclear channel.

5、 Tightness of wine seal: the wine seal on the original imported wine stopper is made of different materials, but generally it can be rotated. The tightness of the wine stopper is absolutely reliable. The wine seal is only an identification symbol, not used for sealing, so it can be rotated. Some fake or inferior wine makers or domestic bottlers are worried that the wine stopper will leak if it is not sealed well, so it will be sealed.

It should be noted that not all wine bottles will be marked with grape varieties. Australia, the United States and other producing countries require that a bottle of wine contain more than 75% of a certain grape before the name of the variety can be marked on the bottle. Traditional European grape producing areas have different regulations, such as Germany and France. If the name of a certain grape variety appears on the label, it means that at least 85% of the wine is brewed from this kind of grape.

The name of wine will usually be the name of the winery, or it may be the specific name of the manor owner, or even the name of the production area. The year indicated on the wine label is the harvest year of the grape.