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How to use the decanter properly?

1. How to choose a decanter?

From a practical point of view, we should first choose a decanter that is easy to clean.

From the perspective of function, the flat decanter has a wide body space, which is very conducive to the rapid oxidation of wine. Therefore, the flat decanter is suitable for young wine.

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How to use the decanter

The wine decanter with a stopper with a smaller diameter can prevent excessive oxidation of wine and accelerate aging, so you can choose such a wine decanter for fragile old wines.

2. How to control the sobering time?

Usually, the sobering time of young wines is about an hour, while some high tannin wines such as Syrah, Barolo, Brunello di Montalcino and Chianti need a longer time to sober up.

In general, the length of sobering up time depends on the type of wine and the drinker's personal taste preferences, most of which range from a quarter of an hour to two hours.

How to use the decanter

3. It is mainly some high-quality wines with aging ability that need to be sobered up

High quality red wines have high tannin content, so they all need to sober up. This kind of wine includes most Cabernet Sauvignon wines, Shiraz wines, Malbec wines and senior high-quality Pinot Noir wines. Most high-quality red wines in Italy need to be sobered up. Sour white wine and lean red wine can sometimes soften the taste by sobering up.

4. Other tips

(1) Normal sobering method is the best way.

(2) Shake the decanter to make the liquor fully contact with the air, which can speed up the process of wine decanting.

(3) When decanting the aged wine, tilt the decanter to let the wine flow slowly along the wall, and then cover the wine stopper immediately.

Decanting refers to the process of filtering out the sediment in the wine by replacing the wine from one container to another that is easier to contact with oxygen. When the wine is in full contact with the air, the aroma is released, the tannins are soft, and the taste is better.