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The design scheme of Tyco wine cellar is well preserved

1. The door of wine cellar the door of wine cellar should usually have a frame and exhaust holes. If aesthetics is not the main standard, iron doors with thermal insulation can also be considered. The main problem is that there should be exhaust on the door and a door rail. Glass doors are not insulated, so a larger model of refrigeration equipment such as air conditioners is required when selecting them. Tyco cellar

2. The materials used for damp proof walls, walls and ceilings should have damp proof function, and the damp proof walls are convenient for painting. If wood is used as a moisture-proof wall, it should choose odorless wood, such as Western Cedar and California Redwood.


Shantou wine cellar case

3. Wine rack wine rack has many shapes, the main choice is beautiful and easy to classify. See pictures and data.

4. Refrigeration equipment the selection of refrigeration equipment is mainly to be stable and quiet, preferably with dehumidification function. Some devices can even create humidity indoors. Pay attention to the uniformity of the air outlet in the internal design during installation. Cellar design

5. There should be some space around the wine cellar with internal and external ventilation. The heating should be able to be discharged and fresh air should be pumped in. The residual exhaust gas, waste water and noise of refrigeration equipment can be discharged outside. The construction of family wine cellar mainly considers: constant temperature, constant humidity, stability, beauty and easy classification.

6. Natural light, especially direct sunlight, is easy to cause wine disease, such as wine disease caused by excessive protein caused by light. Natural light may also aggravate the oxidation process of wine, resulting in wine taste, turbidity, discoloration and other phenomena. It is best to use artificial lighting in the wine cellar, and the intensity and mode of lighting should be properly controlled. It is not easy to store your grape wine. Wine cellars do not have to be located underground, but underground can provide better conditions for wine storage. Underground wine cellars have unique conditions in terms of constant temperature, light protection, shock resistance and so on. The wine cellar on the ground should take certain protective measures to ensure the safety of wine storage.