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The wine storage space designed by Tyco cellar is perfect

First of all, the cellar design should meet four basic conditions:

1. Alcohol is volatile, and natural ventilation is conducive to the safety of wine cellars and houses;

2. The humidity suitable for storing wine is 55%-75%, and the temperature is 10 ℃ ~16 ℃. The cellar with adjustable humidity and temperature is the most conducive to the growth of wine;

3. Natural light is easy to aggravate the oxidation process of liquor and make the liquor taste faint. Therefore, wine cellars are often placed underground, using artificial lighting - cold light source; Tyco cellar

4. Vibration causes changes in wine style, and shock absorption is also a necessary condition;

Cellar design

In addition, the placement of wine and the artistic aesthetics of wine cellar are also crucial. The wine with cork needs to be placed horizontally, the wine liquid infiltrates the cork to isolate the air, the distilled wine needs to be placed vertically, the wine liquid is fully volatilized to increase the flavor and improve the wine quality, while the artistic aesthetics of the wine cellar allows people to maintain physical and mental pleasure during wine tasting. If guests visit, the wine cellar will become a stage to show the owner's life taste, so it needs special design and planning.