Tyco wine cabinet
Constant temperature wine cabinet

Product process features
1. Select high-grade imported solid wood (such as oak, pear and other valuable wood), which is tough, moisture-proof, corrosion-resistant and deformation resistant.
2. Unique artistic appearance design and various paint coating effects realize the perfect combination of traditional solid wood furniture and modern technology.
3. Electrolux refrigerator compressor is used, which is environmentally friendly, low energy consumption and ultra quiet.
4. Frost free air cooling design, computer intelligent temperature control between 8-18 ℃, which is more uniform and accurate than the traditional straight refrigeration method on the back of the wine cabinet.
5. Solid wood liner is selected, which is resistant to low temperature and corrosion, and more beautiful than the traditional aluminum liner.
6. The appearance adopts double-layer hollow Tan tempered glass, which effectively avoids the linear irradiation of ultraviolet rays on red wine.
7. Imported beech layer frame, environmental protection and moisture-proof treatment, all layer frames can be pumped freely.
8. A variety of solid wood panels and colors are available, supporting home space, personalized customization, to meet the needs of different customers.