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Focus on the production and research and development of wood products, "emperor Ke" brand, the main high-end whole wood customization and the overall wine cellar customization two series, the product covers the whole wine cellar, cloakroom, wardrobe, wall panel and other whole wood series products, with the industry unique thermostat and humidity engineering technology, adhering to business planning, marketing guidance, plan design The "five in one" service system of construction and after-sales maintenance, to realize the real custom tailored to the customers to meet the requirements of the characteristics and personalized integrated furniture, for the vast number of consumers to provide natural health, elegant and honorable log home products, the core of the company's core "intelligence" and "manufacturing" two high efficient organizational structure, with the core of the company. By working hard, the team firmly believes that "product is the best endorsement" concept, strives to forge ahead and achieves the most professional and meticulous quality enterprise. Facing the future, di Ke is willing to encourage colleagues from all walks of life to continue to forge ahead and create a luxury that belongs to you. For more details, please consult the hotline: 400-6419-866.